Bigfoot and the Librarian


Something in the Water?

Marnie Somerset's new job at the Mystic Springs Library seems almost too good to be true. Yes, the small Alabama town is populated with more than its share of odd people, and she did have a flat tire on her way into town and hallucinate Bigfoot crossing the road, which made for less than a stellar start. But the library is fantastic, her new house is charming, and the hot local writer keeps crossing her path.

In more ways than one.

Clint Maxwell is drawn to the new librarian, even though he knows getting involved with someone from outside Mystic Springs would be a very bad idea. Marnie's not a Springer, and she won't last long in a town awash with magic. Still, when she's threatened he feels compelled to protect her. Is she meant to be his? Is this the woman he's been waiting for?

Santa and the Snow Witch


Luke Benedict is Mystic Springs’ very own Santa. He’s also owner of the hardware store and the local handyman. Not everything can be fixed with magic. His gift is a handy one; he knows what those around him need before they do. What he can’t see is what he needs. 


Jordan Carter’s family has been making it snow on Christmas Eve for years, but this year there’s a problem. She can’t call up a single flake. Something within her is broken, and going to Luke for help is a desperate response. Maybe he’ll see what she needs. 


Is it possible that what she needs is him?


Blue Christmas and Always on My Mind are Christmas novellas with musician heroes, a touch of magic, and a bit of Elvis. Both were previously available in the collection Jingle Bell Rock, but if you missed them the first time around they're available again. Enjoy! 

I've been rereleasing several older books, including the popular Fairy Tale romances! 


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