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The Columbyana series began with The Sun Witch, The Moon Witch, and The Star Witch. That was several years ago, and I haven't been able to let go of the world since! Fantasy, Romance, Paranormal... These are stories of magic and family, love, and the battle between good and evil.  
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The Columbyana Series, in order of publication


Sisters of the Sun

The Sun Witch

The Moon Witch

The Star Witch


Children of the Sun

Prince of Magic

Prince of Fire

Prince of Swords

The Emperor's Brides


22 Nights

Bride by Command


Bride by Midnight


Firebird, a Columbyana novella


and the final Columbyana book, 

Dragonstone Dance


Bride by Midnight



Lyssa Tempest is desperate to find a husband. A witch's portent years past made it clear that if she didn't wed before the age of twenty-three she would not wed at all. Lyssa doesn't want to live her life alone, so after her fourth failed wedding, on the eve of her birthday, she goes on a late night hunt for a man. Any man. And she finds Blade


Blade is in the capital city of Arthes with murder his only goal. The pretty and naive Lyssa is a means to an end, his way into the well-guarded palace where he can, at last, avenge his sister's death. He doesn't intend to care for Lyssa, perhaps even to love her.

They are not prepared to face Lyssa's newly awakened powers or their part in a coming war, as Ksana demons and the man who would lead them watch and plot against the witch and the blade.



A Columbyana novella


A healer; a shifter; a legendary dragon.


Rori has always felt out of place in her powerful shape-shifting family. When it becomes clear to her that she has no place among them, she decides to start a new life in a seaside town. A normal life.


Panther-shifter Kalum is drawn to the far eastern edge of Columbyana, where his mate has been hiding. He tried for years to deny her, but that is no longer possible. Like it or not, she is his.


And secrets await...

Dragonstone Dance

One Born, One Hatched, One Created…


The time has come for the prophesied three to face the daughters of the Isen Demon in a battle for the future of Columbyana. 


Linara Varden possesses both dark and light magic. She is a child of the demon, as well as the beloved adopted daughter of Sophie and Kane, and she has an important part to play in the war. Her destiny, she is told, is to slay the dragon that flies over the Mountains of the North.


Pax is instinctively drawn to the energy of war, but he has no desire to involve himself in the battles of men. The dragon shifter cares nothing for the prophesies of humans. He knows Linara has come to his mountain to kill him, and yet he cannot bring himself to end her. At least, not right away… 




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