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The Shades Trilogy

When my editor asked me for a Halloween novella, I started playing with Lucien and Eve's story. After a few days I called her. "This is not a novella, it's three books with the same hero and heroine." Bless her, she bought them.

Shades of Midnight

The only man she would ever love was more fascinated by the dead than he would ever be with her.

Eve Abernathy calls on Lucien Thorpe -- the man who left her at the altar two years earlier -- to help rid her house of the ghosts who haunt it. The ghosts who replay their violent deaths night after night. She tells herself, time and again, that she would never ask for his help if there was any other option.

Lucien still loves Eve, still wants her, but she refuses to listen to reason. He didn’t forget her, he simply got engrossed in his work and let a day slip by, and it appears that she will never forgive or forget. Always different, always the odd man out, he knows Eve is the only woman for him. She’s smart, she accepts his unnatural abilities... but she is apparently not a forgiving woman. 

But as they work together to send two earthbound spirits on, they rediscover love. They also uncover a murder mystery that threatens not only their happiness, but their very lives.

Shades of Winter

Trapped by a winter storm and an ancient dark power, can Eve and Lucien's love save them?

Once again, Eve Abernathy stands at the altar ready to marry Lucien Thorpe, and he doesn't arrive. He's left her and all their friends waiting... for the second time. She doesn't question his love, not after all they've been through, but how could he do this to her again?

When a note from Lucien is delivered to the church - I didn't forget, I didn't forget - Eve and her friends brave the winter weather and set out to rescue him from the infamous haunted Honeycutt Hotel.

Snowbound in a long abandoned hotel filled with ghosts and an evil spirit unlike any they have ever encountered, Lucien and Eve fight not only to survive, but to save Lucien's very soul.

Shades of Scarlet

A haunted plantation house, a decades old mystery . . . and a surprise for Lucien and Eve
Married at last, Eve and Lucien Thorpe's life together is very near ideal. They continue to work as a team, eliminating unwanted ghosts from haunted houses, and their love remains strong. Eve is convinced that all she needs in order to be truly happy is a baby.

When they're called to Glover Manor to clear it of ghosts for the new owners, Lucien and Eve get much more than they'd bargained for. The ghosts of twin sisters traumatized by war not only haunt the mansion where they were born and raised, they hold other unhappy ghosts there as well. And when O'Hara arrives to assist with the job, he brings along an unexpected guest who threatens to turn the Thorpes' lives upside down.

Confronted once more with unbearable darkness, Lucien questions whether or not he wants to create a child who might have his gift. And Eve is drawn dangerously close to the spirit world by a lonely little boy who calls her Mama.

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